Our mission is to offer technological solutions for temperature measurement,

contributing to the improvement of processes along with the reduction of economic and environmental impact.

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ABOUT almatrade

Focus on temperature.

We are committed to delivering trustable and straightforward solutions for temperature measurement and control in industrial processes, particularly for high temperatures. To make this happen, we rely on more than 25 years of professional experience, know-how, and the support of reputed partners with a global presence. Temperature is undoubtedly the most essential and controlled variable present in our lives. Through its monitoring and control, it is possible to identify not only health problems but also improve complex industrial processes. Moreover, in the industry field, and for most of the businesses involving Alamatrade, the temperature measurement is necessary to ensure that the product transformation and the process happen more stably, as well as allow better management of the consumed ENERGY.

About almatrade

ENERGY is the keyword that guides Almatrade’s core business.

Every body in its natural state, during an industrial process, consumes energy. This energy is mostly known as “temperature” and can be measured. The careful control of industrial processes’ temperature represents better energy management. And most importantly, the potential for tremendous cost reduction, especially where high temperatures are involved. Nowadays, electric cars, for example, have been a prevalent issue in the manufacturing industry, and the innovation they represent is proving to be a one-way road. All the electricity involved from the fabrication and the consequent use demands an intense consumption of energy. Furthermore, this growing business’s future and success inevitably depend on the rational and well-controlled use of energy resources, avoiding waste and shortage. 

About almatrade

Building a better world through the strict temperature control of the industrial processes.

In the demand that we see today, rational and precise energy consumption control is imperative and urgent. Not only from the point of view of cost reduction in production processes but also from the point of view of its impact on the environment — since processes using temperature in a rational and controlled manner contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere.

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We work with the best in the world.

Almatrade has built exclusive partnerships with companies that get the best solutions for all temperature measurement necessities. These well-established companies have a prominent role in several fields of the industry with many successful cases around the world. 


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